Getting Started

Planning and development of food producing gardens is an intensive process. Careful thought must go into each step. Progress should be slower as smaller steps are taken.  A gardener learns his or her habits, time limits, preferences and individual style.

A sad and somewhat common outcome is to have a gardener spend thousands of dollars planning, building and establishing a produce garden that, within three years, becomes a collection dying and diseased trees, wooden boxes of weeds and lost garden tools.


Proper installation, planting time and planting practices are essential to a prosperous vegetable garden and the successful establishment of fruit trees. These gardens have specific requirements that must be considered carefully to ensure bountiful harvests and long term results.


Keep Your Home Orchards and Vegetable Gardens Growing

Vegetable gardens and home orchards are less forgiving of neglect. These plants expend enormous energy blooming and producing food that never really gets to mature-as far as the plants are concerned.

As gardeners, we make sure our plants have the necessary health and vigor to thrive and produce.

Unintentional neglect can also lead to disease, lower yields and inferior produce. Keeping your trees and plants healthy and growing at a steady rate is the best insurance for a high yielding and delicious produce garden.